Emily Jeffs certified Pilates Specialist.


What is Pilates? 

Pilates looks at how each muscle and bone are connected to all the others and how they relate and function together. It   is a therapeutic approach to exercise which aims to improve your posture, to strengthen your deep abdominal and lower   back muscles that are responsible for supporting and protecting your back and the main bulk of your body.

It teaches correct movement patterns and will help with strength, relaxation and tension release.


What can Pilates do for you?

The principles and techniques that you learn in your exercise routines should be taken into your everyday living, From washing up, bending and lifting, gardening, sitting at a computer and doing your favourite sport. If you have an existing back problem, hip problem or any joint pain anywhere pilates can help manage this which in turn will improve your quality of life and your general well being.

Pilates is a way to protect your back from injury, to help improve present  pain. It will also improve your posture , movement and your confidence and appearance.

Pilates is a combination of strength and stretching exercises performed slowly with precision, control and flow.


How I would tailor a program specifically for you.

I begin by taking photos of you; I then observe your posture looking at anatomical points on your body. I will also ask you questions about your lifestyle, any injuries you have, pain you may be suffering, aims and goals you would like to achieve.  From all this information I gather, I will select the appropriate exercises for you.

I then guide you through your routine ensuring that you are performing correctly. It is essential with Pilates that the technique is perfect that is what I will be checking for. I often hand out basic homework to be done which will be a combination of specific stretches and strength routines which take no longer than 20 minutes roughly.

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Emily Jeffs