I believe that a healthy lifestyle includes regular exercise and a well balanced and varied diet. “You cannot achieve health or weigh less without both of these components” A good understanding of freshly prepared nutritious meals is as important as regular exercise. Correct nutrition will give you renewed energy, healthy skin, a strong immune system, […]


The definition of flexibility is the range of movement we have at any chosen joint. This section is definitely neglected by most people; the importance of a good range of movement is often overlooked. After any form of exercise it is important to stretch. As we exercise our muscles are contracting and becoming shorter. Even […]

Muscle Tone

Many people think that if you do plenty of cardiovascular training and lose weight that this will give you a strong slender, trim body! This is not true in order to “achieve” good muscle tone and definition we need to exert force on individual muscles; we do this using resistance –“weights”.When all our muscles are […]

Core Stability

This is an area I am keen to pass onto all my clients- something that is widely talked about but not properly explained. In order for our body to function properly and maintain an upright strong posture we have a backbone, this backbone is a complex structure and incredibly sensitive. If not looked after in […]

Cardiovascular Fitness

What do we mean when we talk about CV or being fit? Cardio is the heart and the heart being a muscle a very important muscle. This is the muscle that transports the blood all around the body doing numerous jobs. Like any muscle in the body if we neglect it, it will become inefficient […]