Well sorry didnt get round to writing yesterdays food diary , that maybe because i went out for lunch which is always hard when dieting!!

7.00 I started with ready brek made with water half a banana and chopped almonds made up for the water rather than milk.

I walked the dogs for 40 mins beautiful time of day to be out and about.

No pilates today to much work.

11.00 I had my coffee and fruit with the 2 squares of dark chocolate i allow myself

Off to work

Lunch out!

I had roasted peppers mushrooms and onions with goats cheese and pine nuts all this was served on a foccacia so i scraped it off and just ate the veg with the salad,,,,, now thats self control i will say it was very nice.


I finished the spicy tomato and butter bean soup i made on monday

8.00 I had to give in and have cup of tea and 2 squares of chocolate but as we know dark chocolate is good for you .

27th March

6.30  Good morning all well cold out today im having porridge with nuts and banana and teaspoon of blossom honey porridge with water again but you don’t notice if topping is nice.

Off for stomp with dogs.

I confess to having coffee first thing instead of peppermint tea today i start work at 8.15

11.00  hour long pilates session working on leg strength and back strength today , keeping up lots of hip flexor stretches and adductor stretches. im finding not biking incredibly frustrating.

12.30  lunch  rocket salad with cucumber and tuna topped with toasted sunflower and pumpkin seeds – gives the salad some crunch

Quick coffee with some chocolate then back to work

3.30  Big walk on hill with dogs in snow was out for an hour , very challenging on hip flexor but i need to do something.

came home and iced leg and took  ibuprofen , then made dinner.

5.30 1 piece of toasted rye bread with cooked  mushroom in olive oil and tsp of whole grain mustard served with rocket and watercress, i was going to have a poached egg with it but i fed them to my dogs!!