Core engagement

Now for the part that everybody talks about but are not always sure of what it is and where it is and what it does !

The core is made up of 4 different muscles  1.pelvic floor-  theses are the muscles that help you to stop when going to the toilet.

2. Transverse abdominus – this is a big band of muscle that wraps around your tummy like a girdle.

3. Multifidus – These are located low in your back and attach to the back of your pelvis these provide support for your lower /lumbar region of your back.

4. Internal obliques

These muscles perform a very important job , they provide support to the main trunk of our body they act like a corset wrapping around us and keeping everything strong. So if they lose strength and get out of shape they will not function properly leaving us vulnerable to injury.

Now how to engage your core muscles! they are located in the lower back and lower abdominum now place your  hand below your belly button between your aware of your breathing in through the nose out through the mouth as you breath out through your mouth i want you to pull your lower abdominal muscles {your core} back towards your spine you should be able to feel this happening with your hand as you do it.

Now maintain your breathing while holding the muscles back acting like a corset wrapped around your body, this will be difficult to start with but as you practice it will become easier.

The idea of Pilates is to put these techniques together with specific exercises for your postural type.