Malvern Pilates Classes

I have now been teaching Pilates in Malvern since 2011 and feel incredibly passionate about what I do; I decided to write this piece about my Malvern Pilates classes to give more information on how they work.

I work in the Pilates Worcester area, I have my own Pilates studio which is a fantastic space to work in, I originally only saw one to one clients that were mainly referred to me via local physio therapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, Also clients that heard about me via word of mouth and online Pilates.

The results from one to one Pilates for my clients have been really rewarding for both me and them I teach a variety of people ranging from teenage girls, young boys with rugby injuries, ladies that have recently had children, gentlemen that have injuries from various sports and lifestyle choices and. I also have a of number seventy plus ladies that i teach on a one to one basis and the results from Pilates for all of them have been fantastic.

One of the issues I was presented with was client’s ability to continue with one to ones every week, for some this was just too costly. I had never wanted to teach large Pilates classes as I felt that the individuality and precise nature of the technique would be lost. However I did want as many of my clients to be able to continue with their Pilates as the results for them had been so good.

I now teach very small groups of 3 to 4 at a time all of the clients in these classes have been through a course of at least 12 one to ones before they go into these group sessions. This allows me to match them to the right class and then once in the class I will also know their specific needs and will be able to adjust where necessary any exercises. Keeping the classes this small allows me to work around everyone and run similar but different programs alongside each other.

Teaching this way has meant I can help each client with their specific problems, deliver precise teaching to them on a one to one and then once they are ready they can join a Pilates class and still maintain their Pilates practice on a regular basis.