At the start of any Pilates routine you will need to get into correct standing posture and neutral spinal alignment ready to perform the first exercise a spinal roll down, this is also good to practice when stood at the sink washing up , a queue in the shops or waiting for the bus.

1. First stand with your feet together, fan them out at the heels and then the toes {this is not a huge movement, your feet should now be hip width apart}

2. Coming to the knees they should be soft, not locked, making sure they are not rolling in together they should now be hip width apart.

3. Imagine a piece of string is attached to the top of your head and it is pulling you up tall like a tree. Your eyes should be looking forwards in front of you, not at the floor and not at the sky.

4. Now pick your shoulders up roll them back and drop them down into your back, try to relax them.


Now we are going to find correct spinal alignment

This is where we put our pelvis into the correct position for our body.


5. Place your hand on the front of your lower abdominal and the other on the base of your back now rock your pelvis forwards and backwards , imagine it is a bucket of water, as it rocks water spills out the back and out of the front, you have to center the bucket so that it does not spill, this will be half way between the 2 points.

6. With your hands relaxed by your sides you should now be standing correctly in a Pilates position.