Introduction to…

Your first session:

  • First consultation involves gathering information on your posture type, assessing your strengths and weaknesses and assessing any injuries you’ve had or have
  • I will also introduce you to the first 3 techniques:
  1. Neutral spinal alignment
  2. Thoracic breathing
  3. Core engagement
  4. Semmi supine pose.
  5. Pelvic stability exercises:
1. Heel slides
                                                                  2. Knee folds
                                                                  3. Knee drops
  • From this session I can then design a program based on the information I have gathered.
  • Every session after that will involve me carefully guiding you through your exercises and correcting where needed and advancing when needed.        


One to one sessions: £35 an hour.

Cancellation for one to one sessions must be 24 hours in advance or full charge will apply.

Classes: £60 for 6 weeks payable one week in advance booking your slot.

Any missed classes are non refundable.

One to ones for class members are discounted to £25 an hour.


Questions I will ask you

  1. Have you done pilates before? Classes or one to one?
  2. Why would you like to learn pilates?
  3. Do you have any injuries, aches or pains?
  4. Have you been advised to take up pilates? And if so by who and why?
  5. What are you looking to gain from pilates?

2 Replies to “Sessions”

  1. I wish to carry on Pilates as I have arthritis throughout my vertebra and need to work on my core stability – do you teach small group classes and if so when please?

    1. Good afternoon Jane, thank-you for your inquiry unfortunately i don’t hold any classes i only teach on a one to one basis or you can train with a friend.
      I only teach one to one as i feel pilates a precise and complex therapy to teach and this way i feel i can deliver specific programs tailored to the individual and ensure that they are picking up the exact techniques in order to practice correctly. If you would like to give me a ring for more information and a chat then please do my number is 07725978860. many thanks emily

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