A few years ago a Chiropractioner suggested Pilates might make a difference to my weak back, neck injury and weak knees.

Little did I realise as a reluctant gym participant just how much difference Pilates would make. Emily regularly updates programs for Pilates and circuits. My posture has improved so much, as has my general fitness.

I really look forward to my sessions, they have made such a positive difference.

Lynn Gilbey – Malvern



I have have four children and was really struggling with lower back pain, attempts to alleviate my pain all ended in injury and a continual sense of failure and frustration. Emily listened with care and formulated a program which started with the very basic level, as I became stronger she built on that. This has had a huge impact on my everyday life, I can garden, play with my children and walk the hills without pain!

Sian G – Malvern



I decided to take a course of one-to-one Pilates to improve my posture and strength. I found it very challenging, after a twelve week course I noticed a huge difference in my posture but also my techniques and strength in my gym sessions. It also changed the shape of my body and I now practice Pilates twice a week with Emily.

Karen H – Castlemorton Common



Emily has been my personal trainer since 2009, I had major knee surgery in 2006 and never regained my strength, I had lost my confidence in my stability of my leg, through Emily’s systematic approach to strength using Pilates based exercise and core stability training I have been able to go back to playing tennis twice a week, running once a week and gardening.

Annie L – Cheltenham